Medwell Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Jiang Xi Medwell Medical Products Company was founded on 2000, after 20 years developing, it has become one of the biggest supplier of gloves and gauze. Medwell’s main products include medical vinyl gloves, examination vinyl gloves, PVC gloves, food contact vinyl gloves, gauze and so many disposable plastic products. Each month Medwell export more than 90 million pieces gloves. 6 double models PVC gloves production lines in operation, and next 6 lines are in building.

Hot Products

Anti Allergy Examination Safety Work PVC Glove
Eco Friendly Eating food Disposable vinyl Gloves
Best Selling Quality medical disposable examination vinyl gloves

Why choose our Vinyl Gloves

Because of the 2019 Corona Virus, more and more new factories start to produce vinyl gloves. And lots factories increase their capacity, some double it.

After 20 years manufacture experience, Medwell has enough technology to solve any problems and produce the best Vinyl PVC gloves to meet any customers’ requirement.

Vinyl PVC gloves production line

Dust free working environment

Our workshop are decorated as GMP standard, though it can’t pass it, but all ground are painted with grep, all windows are closed, guard the dust and animals out of workshop.

Worker wear

Strict worker cloths management

All workers work in production workshop or packers in packing workshop need to wear disposable cap and gloves, and need to change their cloths and shoes before they go into. And work manager will check the workers’ situation every half shift during working. Workers are not allowed to wear metal while working.

water test

Complete Quality Inspect System

It is the most important point for a long time cooperation with customers and development. From material purchased from suppliers to shipped from sea port, each step need responsible person, and a whole complete system to control.

pvc gloves ejection

Stronger Technology support

Years production has built strong technology team, our production lines are the newest technology, all the gloves spinning around all the time that can make sure the vinyl gloves film smooth and equality.

Flip up and down after dipping, that will make sure the vinyl gloves film equality from fingers to bottom, you will feel it very soft and smooth and feel happy of course.

Auto glove release machine, it really reduce our worker salary cost and reduce the problems that people cause.

production line building

Big Capacity

Now we supply 90,000,000 pieces gloves per month already, and start to increase our capacity to 180,000,000 at the end of this month as our old customers trust and require.

What we have is our good credibility, best quality, cheaper price, big capacity to meet your demand, welcome you visiting our factory and let’s have a choice to cooperate with you!