lab AQL 2.5 VINYL gloves

Which industries are Vinyl Gloves used

What is PVC? Polyvinyl chloride (Polyvinyl chloride), abbreviated…
Medwell PVC factory

Know More About Medwell

Company Development Introduction Jiangxi Medwell Medical Co.,…
PVC gloves packing

New PVC gloves lines are on trial production

PVC gloves are still in hot demand, our new production lines…
soon finised

Six new PVC gloves prodcution lines will be soon finished

How long time will be new PVC gloves production lines finish…

Types and differences of PVC plasticizers

Fatty acid esters Fatty acid esters have good low-temperature…
Not affecting the touch disposable vinyl gloves

PVC Gloves necessities in life

  The sales volume of disposable PVC gloves is very high…
Disposable vinyl safety gloves for medical use

Medical grade PVC gloves

PVC gloves are made of Vinyl raw materials, cheap price and…
Used in electronic products Disposable PVC gloves

PVC antistatic gloves

In all kinds of disposable gloves, it is inevitable that some…

Raw material knowledge of PVC gloves

The main raw material of PVC gloves is polyvinyl chloride (PVC)…
capacity, output and operating rate of PVC paste resin in China

Disposable PVC gloves industry research report

1、Overview of glove Market 1.1 Classification of gloves   The…