Disposable vinyl safety gloves for medical use

Medical grade PVC gloves

PVC gloves are made of Vinyl raw materials, cheap price and easy to make.

Because of the advantages of loose and easy to wear and low price, there are also medical lever PVC gloves in the medical field. However, due to the performance limitations of medical grade PVC gloves, such as poor tear resistance, poor wear resistance, and not soft enough, the types of medical grade PVC gloves are much less used than nitrile and latex gloves. The common types of medical grade PVC gloves are inspection gloves, which are mostly powder free and White colour.

As medical lever gloves, the countries has carried out a more strict management of PVC gloves and formulated the national standards that need to be enforced.

And, medical grade PVC gloves have good waterproof performance, can block microorganisms, and play a greater role in the prevention of cross infection. In particular, it is very loose, easy to wear, and the price is lower than that of nitrile and latex gloves, so it is very suitable for use in applications requiring frequent replacement work environment.

In the novel corona virus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, medical masks, medical gloves and protective clothing become the necessary three sets for medical workers. The most important function of medical gloves is to isolate bacteria and pollutants,. Compared with industrial gloves, the core requirement for gloves is quality AQL1.5, that is, less than 1.5 gloves in a batch of 100 samples are unqualified. From the material, medical gloves can be divided into PVC, nitrile and latex gloves.
Characteristics of medical PVC gloves
The medical grade PVC gloves are mainly made of paste PVC. The gloves are cured at high temperature with no allergen, no powder, low dust content, little ion content, produced with plasticizer, ester, silicone oil and other components. They have strong chemical resistance, good flexibility and touch feeling, easy to wear and comfortable to wear, with anti-static performance and dust-free performance In the environment. It is mainly used for medical examination in hospital. From the development trend, medical PVC gloves will gradually become the leading products in the field of disposable gloves.
Difference with latex gloves and nitrile gloves
Latex gloves, also known as rubber gloves, belong to the traditional disposable gloves, latex from the sap of rubber tree. Due to different tree species, geology, climate and other related conditions, the composition and structure of latex gloves often vary greatly, resulting in increased costs. Because latex gloves contain protein, it is easy to produce allergic reaction for people with allergic constitution.
Compared with PVC gloves, latex gloves have better toughness and adhesion, and are suitable for surgery. PVC gloves have the advantages of low price, comfort, anti allergy and high practicability. With the improvement of technology, the weight of PVC gloves is reduced, the cost advantage is more obvious, and the cost performance ratio is also improved.
Nitrile gloves are ideal substitutes for latex gloves, which are mainly synthesized from acrylonitrile and butadiene. It has more obvious advantages in organic solvent resistance and puncture resistance. Compared with PVC gloves, nitrile gloves are more robust, better air permeability, bright colors can ease the tension of patients, while PVC gloves have more prominent cost advantages, comfortable to wear, good protection effect, high performance price ratio, and more obvious market growth momentum.
Industry standard of medical PVC gloves
Domestic industry standards: medical grade PVC gloves belong to a class of medical device products, and their production and sales need to obtain the relevant national qualifications. The specific management measures include “Regulations on the supervision and management of medical devices”, “measures for the supervision and management of medical device production”, “measures for the registration and management of medical devices”, “Regulations on the daily supervision and management of medical device production”.

Foreign access requirements: the standards of medical grade gloves in import countries are relatively high. Generally, export products need to meet the access standards of relevant countries, pass the specified quality management system certification or product certification, such as ISO13485 certification, NSF certification, FDA certification, etc., before they can be allowed to enter the market of the target country. At the same time, the international industry quality standards, product technology and new certification projects are also constantly launched and updated.

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