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PVC antistatic gloves

In all kinds of disposable gloves, it is inevitable that some jobs or posts need to avoid static electricity. For example, in the medical industry, many positions need to contact with precision instruments, which is easy to generate static electricity, so it is necessary to prevent the generation of static electricity. Do you know which disposable gloves are antistatic?

Now i want to recommend some anti-static gloves one by one. Latex gloves are quite prestigious among disposable gloves. However, latex is made of pure natural latex. Although it has good elasticity, it does not have anti-static function. Nitrile gloves are also disposable gloves, which are close to latex gloves in neutral performance. Using 100% chemical synthetic latex, it is not only elastic Latex gloves 3 to 5 times, and it is one of disposable gloves that has the best anti-static performance. In additional, PVC gloves are also antistatic, maybe the antistatic property of PVC gloves is not as good as nitrile gloves, can be used in appropriate environment, but now more and more factories has developed new types that can antistatic better even than Nitrile gloves. Finally, TPE gloves and PE gloves are made of polymer materials and have good antistatic properties.

Advantages of PVC antistatic gloves:
1. Antistatic, avoid finger static electricity damage products;
2. Non toxic ingredients to protect human health;
3. It can be used in 1000 even 10000 lever dust-free room;
4. Anti pollution, antiskid, wearable and comfortable.
Attention to the use of anti-static gloves:
1. There are many varieties of anti-static gloves, we should choose according to our own situation and needs, and can not be used indiscriminately.
2. If the anti-static gloves need to be waterproof or anti-corrosion at the same time, the gloves must be carefully checked before use to check whether there is any damage on the surface of the gloves, and the damaged gloves cannot be used.
3. Anti static gloves need to be cleaned and dried after use, but they can not be baked at high temperature. If necessary, talcum powder should be spread to prevent adhesion.
4. The insulation of anti-static insulating gloves should be checked regularly to prevent accidents.
5. Anti static gloves are suitable for use in acid and salt environment with weak corrosivity, but not suitable for strong corrosive environment.

The advantages and precautions of PVC anti-static gloves have been finished. It can be seen from the above that as one of the most common types of anti-static gloves, PVC anti-static gloves do have some advantages and are suitable for use in many situations.


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