Not affecting the touch disposable vinyl gloves

PVC Gloves necessities in life


The sales volume of disposable PVC gloves is very high in disposable gloves, especially the quantity. Because PVC gloves can be used not only as disposable medical examination gloves, but also as necessities in life.

We can find in the hospital that doctors or nurses wearing transparent gloves are mostly PVC gloves, because they are cheapest in seamless gloves, and easy to wear, more loose and comfortable.

Although the medical gloves in hospitals are mainly latex gloves and nitrile gloves, but because these type gloves are very expensive and controlled, so the demand for PVC gloves is the biggest.

Because the replacement rate of PVC gloves is much higher than that of nitrile gloves and latex gloves.

For example, every time a nurse touches or injects a patient, she will change her gloves before working. Unlike Nitrile gloves and latex gloves, they know how to complete the treatment of patients, so the demand of PVC gloves in the hospital is very large, because no matter how patients sick or what they have, doctors and nurses will wear a new disposable PVC gloves to inspect them especially in nowadays more and more unknown bacteria found and more and more new disease happen.

In other industries, the practicability of PVC gloves let it used everywhere, some work environment impossible to instead of. For example, in an electronic factory, each worker consumes more than four pairs of PVC gloves a day to protect themselves not electrical shock because of the Insulation performance of PVC film, and there are so many workers in one factory, there are many many factories need to use it, hundreds of pairs of PVC gloves are consumed a day.

In our daily life, PVC gloves have already become a household necessity. The oil resistance, water resistance, wear resistance and elasticity of PVC gloves are much better than ordinary plastic gloves. There are household chores every day, and PVC gloves are consumed every day.

To sum up, the huge demand of disposable PVC gloves is inseparable from its practicability, and our demand for PVC gloves will be more and more

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