Disposable PVC powder free gloves for laboratory use
Used in electronic products Disposable PVC gloves
Cleanroom Powder Free disposable transparent PVC Glove
Protection of PVC gloves against bacteria and viruses in public places
Multifunction Cheap Clear Stretch Disposable PVC Gloves
Disposable safety PVC gloves for laboratory use
Disposable clear color powder free vinyl household gloves for cleaning
Anti Allergy Examination Safety Work PVC Glove

Everyone need to protect their body especially the hands when doing anything, every year lots workers injured body when they work but not protect enough or just operation error. PVC gloves and worker clothes can reduce the harm when errors happen.

Hands are the most used of body when doing anything, it’s the window of social contact, so it’s the most important part of human body. Different kinds of gloves can protect you in any situation, disposable PVC gloves and Vinyl gloves can protect you away from the dirty, oil, acidic things, bacterium, virus, such as Covirus-2019, everyone need it to protect themselves once such disease come.

In industry, PVC and Vinyl gloves used everywhere when handle or operate machines and repair them. It can prevent the oil, metal shards, plastic shards, glass shards or other sharp things to hurt workers’ hands.


– Normal PVC Vinyl

– 100% DOP free

– AQL 4.0

– Ambidextrous, beaded cuff and smooth external finish

– Non-Sterile

– EN 388, EN 420