Disposable vinyl gloves for kitchen cutting and washing
Vinyl gloves for kitchen cutting and washing
For kitchen cleaning transparent disposable vinyl gloves
Food Safety and Household Use vinyl Disposable Gloves
Eco Friendly Eating food Disposable vinyl Gloves
Disposable transparent vinyl gloves for kitchen and cake making
Disposable safety vinyl gloves for food cleaning
Disposable vinyl gloves for kitchen cleaning and dishwashing

Vinyl gloves for food offer the most cost-effective and high-performance solution for food process. Proper PPE usage is crucial in food-processing. Vinyl gloves are the best food-mate. More durable than poly, closer fitting, high sensitivity, latex-free, ambidextrous and flexible.

Food contact vinyl glove is made of PVC-polyvinyl chloride, a petroleum-based material. It does not container any latex and is safe for those end users who are allergic to latex. Vinyl glove is ambidextrous and flexible, available in both powder free and pre-powdered with a sterilized cornstarch for ease of donning and absorbing moisture during wear.  It is an economical alternative to latex, and also provides improves dexterity and touch sensitivity over looser fitting gloves.

Food safe vinyl gloves are produced from high quality materials which fully comply with FDA Rule 177.1950 for food contact. Using vinyl gloves in food-processing, handling sliced cheese and meats, washing vegetables, preparing pies, pizzas, salads, or any other foods, helps to protect the hands, and prevent contamination of foods.


– Food contact pvc vinyl material

– 100% DOP and DEHP free

– AQL 4.0

– Ambidextrous, beaded cuff and smooth external finish

– Non-Sterile

– EU 10/2011, FDA 21 CFR