Latex Nitrile PVC gloves

What is vinyl pvc gloves

PVC gloves are really useful in nowadays, and more and more better type gloves are developed to protect people and earth.

The first type disposable gloves is Latex, produced with nature rubber, developed in Malaysia, they are really so clever to invent it, all other type like PVC glove, Vinyl glove, Nitrile Glove, and so many seamless type gloves production method are similar to it, the other types gloves are just produced on the modify Latex production lines. New ideas, new gloves promote not only the glove developed, but also better life and better economic. PVC gloves and Nitrile gloves are developed by American company because the Latex gloves will cause a lot people allergy. They can take place the Latex gloves in all industry, food contact, food prepare, and also in hospital. But in hospital, they are only used for examination and contact, can’t do the operation that will directly contact the patients’ body and blood and bone, because they all contain a lot plasticizer.

Today, after years and years developed, PVC gloves are more comfortable and cheaper, are used in almost every industry and every day, no matter large and small factories, homes, hospitals, labs, restaurant, etc., not only to prevent people from being hurt or infected when they are in contact with things, but also to prevent the objects being polluted.

Latex Nitrile PVC gloves

TYPES and USE of disposable PVC gloves

Disposable PVC gloves can be divided into three categories according to their ue:

  1. ExaminationLever Gloves: These gloves are all made by Vinyl, plasticizer and stretch additive. This examination lever PVC gloves need to approve AQL2.5 water test and pink hole test, some customers request5, and also needed to be tested even every piece. Tensile need to approve 4.0N, and elongation should be better than 400%. Nearly every piece inspected, some customers request sterilization. Every country or area has their own standard, China has Chinese medical gloves certification and standard GB 4806.7, Europe request CE certification and gloves passed EN 455-1, EN 455-2 tests, USA request FDA register and gloves passed ASTM D 5250. Those standard make sure the gloves can protect users and patients away from the bacteria, dust, virus and blood water inflection.
  2. Food ContactLever Gloves: PVC gloves all contain plasticizer, some plasticizer are not welcome and even harmful for human body and environment, so if people want to use PVC gloves, Vinyl gloves for food contact, food prepare, must choose those PVC gloves that note it don’t contain DPA. Now DHP are widely used and confirmed that it don’t harm human health, so most wholesale only allow their importing PVC gloves use the DHP plasticizer for food contact purpose. Water test is not requested. REACH and Europe request gloves passed EU 10/2011 test, USA request FDA register and gloves passed FDA 21 CFR test. Those standard make sure the gloves are not harmful to body and will not remain on the food and hands when using gloves to eat. AQL 2.5-4.0 according to different purposes by customers.
  3. Industrial Lever Gloves: Industrial purpose PVC gloves are the bottom lever, AQL 4.0 is enough, people who wearsuch gloves will not touch any patient or food or body, just wear them to repair the machines, clean the house, touch some wood and things. But if they will use them to catch sharp metal things or touch the acid or alkalinity liquid, standard EN 388 and EN 420 PVC gloves will be your better choice. Maybe more expensive but are better for your hands and health.
  4. These three quality lever PVC gloves are made from the same production lines, some factory use different material composition for those different type gloves.

According to the length, it has 9” and 12” two sizes, 12” sizes manly used for medical purpose such as nurse, dentistry, examination, because they will use this longer gloves to wrap the wrist up to make sure no liquid or dust can touch users’ body.

9" 12" length PVC gloves

Disposable PVC gloves’ production lines

Vinyl PVC gloves production line

PVC gloves are made by production lines, 4 main steps, dipping, plasticizing, crimp, demould. And of course the most important for gloves’ performance depends on the material component, different component of material mixed will make different attitude purpose gloves.

PVC gloves are manufactured by Vinyl(PVC), plasticization(DINP), Viscosity reducer, Ca-Zn stabilizer, Surface treatment agent Pu, and maybe some factories will add some filler. Mix them together in Constant temperature mixer, stand still more than 12 hours, filter, then mix it again, Vacuum deaeration the mixed liquid. This whole process is called mixed material prepare.

Dipping is the first step making PVC gloves on the lines. All the PVC gloves models are made by ceramics and install on the lines with models foundations, move by the setting route, before it goes into the slurry tanks, it must be clear and clean, and need to be inspected by worker or auto machines, to make sure no dust or PVC gloves powder on the surface, also smooth and without defect or damage. The dipping time depends on the lines speed, and it is rotating all the time when it is dipping in the tanks. This new method make sure the PVC glove film thickness is the same, this point also can guarantee the PVC gloves’ quality.


Plasticizing is the most important step of PVC Vinyl gloves. After dipping, the liquid pulp is stick on the glove model surface, and coagulation slowly. The new production lines now let the pvc gloves models upside down all the time from dipping tank to high temperature oven, this new production method can make the PVC gloves thickness all point is the same from fingers to cuff. The fingers are thick and the cuff is thin that old lines produce. The temperature inside oven is very high and very important, too high will cause the gloves hard, too low will cause the gloves stick, and also the length of the oven.

Crimp the gloves’ cuff on the models after it solidify. This step will revise the gloves’ length and cuff, to make the length the same and beautiful, also crimp the cuff will make the gloves easy to wear and harder, because when you wear it, the cuff will bear most of strength of hands.

Demould the PVC gloves after it finished all the below steps, they are solidify and beautiful and ready to use. 5 years ago, most factories use a lot of workers to demould the gloves on the models, every production line need around 10 workers, but now auto demould machines has popularized, no workers need to do that job, only need to inspect the quality and pack them into boxes.

PVC gloves demould

Except these main steps there are some other steps, some customers need it powdered, we will add this step before demould, this step will spray some corn dust on the gloves then blow the excessive powder. And on each steps, the workers also need to check the quality not only the QC do, whether their operation is right or not, especially on the 4 most important steps. Please see the production flow chart.

PVC produciton flow chart 

Why PVC Gloves Has Different Quality Lever

All Vinyl gloves are made by the same production lines and same procedure, why they will separate into 3 or even 4 levers. The most important standard is inspect lever. AQL 1.5, AQL 2.5, AQL 4.0, are the main levers for the Vinyl gloves.

Inspect Standard is AQL that full name is Acceptable Quality Lever, ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 or MIL-STD-105E or Chinese standard GB 2828 are the same. For PVC gloves there are 2 main inspect parts: appearance and physical property.

Appearance mainly contain dust, black spot, colour, white spot, macula, length, weight, pink hole, broken and even left fingers. These defect points mainly happens on the gloves surface that can be inspected by eyes. Inspectors mainly use G1 to check them.

Physical property divided into two parts, before and after aging, mainly include tensile, elongation, water test, air pressure, also use G1 to check.


Why the same production lines and same procedure make the different quality lever gloves, there are a lot reasons, all production steps and machines are designed to produce AQL 1.5 lever gloves, but in production time, there is some influence factors. Mixed material time and mixed  temperature, additive is the first step factors. Stand still time is the also the influence factors. Whether the air bubble remove completely will the very important point, any small air bubble will cause defect PVC gloves. Glove models should be very smooth, clear, clean, any dust or liquid will cause defect Vinyl gloves, glove models is the most frequently reason for rejection PVC gloves. When the gloves dipping, dipping time, slurry temperature is the main factors. After dipping, from dipping tank to oven, the air dust is also the main reason for the black spot on the gloves, so more and more factories build up the dust-free workshop. The temperature of oven is very important when the PVC film forming, too high temperature will cause the film turn to yellow.

Different Disposable PVC Gloves’ Prices

For most users and big quantity wholesale and customers, quality and price are two factors of the same weight or purpose gloves. So understand the trend of PVC gloves price and different quality lever price is very important. That will decide how to get the most cost-effective, suitable gloves, to ensure the quality and delivery time of the products they produce. It can also guarantee the health of employees and reduce the production cost of the factory.

The PVC gloves’ price depends on the weight firstly, then the quality lever and packing. The weighter, the price higher, the quality better, the higher of course. And if customers require more difficult packing or better box and bags, the price will add the more cost of packing. 10 pcs in a bag will extremely increase not only the packing cost also the packing workers’.

These days, the most reason of very high price is the COVIRUS-2019, the very very big demand, and the very high material price. Most of people need it in medical quality lever, so most of factories produce the best lever PVC gloves.

Medical lever Gloves, the nearly best lever gloves in PVC Vinyl gloves. since it is for hospital surgical use, it has the highest quality requirements, the heaviest weight, around 4.5 gram to 6.0 gram. Some customers need them sterilization, which is inevitably the most expensive. Mostly not needed, because this PVC gloves are not used in operation. The price is USD 13 normally, but now the price is nearly 50-60 dollars, and even still increase. And all gloves should be approved EN 455-1, EN455-2, and FDA ASTM D 5250, or Chinese medical standard GB10123.

Food Contact Gloves, some countries and areas has forbid to use PVC gloves in food industry and restaurants, but still a lot of customers choose it, because they are cheap and also has developed into new types that are environmental, mainly use DIHP. This quality lever usually require not high, AQL 4.0 is enough. Price is USD 12 normally, also now the price is very high. EU 10/2011, FDA 21 CFR can make sure the gloves are safety to contact food.

Industrial Protect Gloves, one of the most gloves used field, some are cotton, some are steel, some are dipped with rubber and so on. Disposable PVC gloves are used a lot to protect workers’ hands away from acid or oil and alkaline. One pair can used a whole day, it’s the most value disposable gloves by now. And also because these gloves are used in factories, price is lowest in all disposable PVC gloves, some factories only use B lever gloves, and also because they not only use disposable gloves, also will wear a cotton labour working gloves. The price is the lowest, and USD 10.5 will be enough, because the gloves’ material all add additive calcium carbonate to reduce the cost and price. But nowadays no matter B lever gloves or even only 4 fingers gloves are all called “good” PVC gloves.

The above three types are the main types now, and recently years some manufactures has invented one new strech and elongation PVC gloves to replace the Latex gloves or Nitrile gloves. This type has very good elongation and tensile. Let me introduce this new best gloves:

Strech Gloves, price is most expensive during the PVC gloves, but because it is developed to instead of Latex gloves, so it is not expensive actually, it is really value, because in normal period, the price is around USD 15, only half of Latex gloves. This type can be used in operation and sterile of course. Now recently, very few factories want to produce this better type, because the benefit is really same as others, and this type is hard to produce.

  Medical lever Food Contact Industrial Protect Strech
Normal Price 13 12 11 16
Recent Price 58 55 50 60
AQL lever 1.5-2.5 4.0 4.0 1.5

Calcium carbonate or recycled materials additive

Before this 2020, most of factories use calcium carbonate to lower their PVC gloves price, last 5 years are their hardest time, very low price, very small demand quantity. The calcium carbonate can suddenly lower the gloves’ price, but will harm the tensile and elongation of the gloves’ film. Some factories even can add 30%, that’s the most percentage that i heard. The more calcium carbonate it contain, the worse tensile and elongation it will has. But few calcium carbonate used between 1% -3% does not affect the performance of the product, depending on the material, sometimes it can increase the smoothness and tensile of the product

Some customers have certain requirements for PVC gloves about this calcium carbonate percent when quote. After all, Vinyl gloves are used to protect products and employees from bacteria, oil and other infections. Too bad quality not only causes great risk of infection for products and employees, it is also a great damage to the environment. So few calcium is enough, users should choose those strong brand PVC gloves.

How to Control Quality and Identify

Quality is the most critical element of all things and the first element of long-term survival term for factories and distributors, so every owner focus on it no matter how small business they do. PVC gloves’ production lines need a lot of money invest, so quality control is very important for each factory and company.

Because the capacity of disposable PVC gloves is very large and the production lines can’t be easy to stop, the quality control is very important in producing. It can save a lot of money and time reworking. Every step needs QC or workers focus on the right operation method that can reduce the error and effective to the minimum. All steps include from material purchase to gloves delivery to customers’ warehouse. Vinyl powder quality, plasticization percent, water percent, mixed time, mixed temperature, mixed machines speed, stay still time, stay still temperature, dipping deep, dipping time, dipping temperature, air dust percent, high temperature oven temperature, length are mainly reasons of defective PVC gloves, because after oven the gloves has been formed, the next steps will influence few.

The main problems PVC gloves are: 1, unacceptable defective: mixed sizes, mixed with metal, less fingers, film easier broken, big holes on the gloves; 2, large defects: mixed sizes, pin holes, mixed with dust, hair, large quantity failed water leakage; 3, small defects: the edge is slightly watery, the surface of the glove has burrs, white dot, black dot and so on.

I suggest users can choose the brand gloves they often buy, that will guarantee their gloves in most cases, because the gloves brand owners will of course make sure their competitiveness, not only by prices and value, also quality is a very important part. No company will throw quality away forwardly, so even when you found your gloves that you always buy is a defective product, the best way is to complain to the customers’ service.

How to check whether your choosing PVC gloves is the good one also depends on yourself. What you want and purpose of using this Vinyl gloves. If only four fingers gloves can reach your work target, it worth the money you paid, of course this is joke, but it also show what the choosing means. Anyway here i teach common users to inspect PVC gloves by themselves, first of all, check the box of course, no one like a broken box no matter the glove in are so good and cheap. Then have a simple check on the glove before using it, gently blow it, check the appearance whether leaking or not before using it. If the above non-conforming products are found, the unacceptable defective products must be returned or exchanged, or even refunded, and the supplier should be replaced. If small spot found, but the gloves are strong enough to use, it’s ok i think.

Unacceptable defects means the gloves factories and dealers have not established a good quality management system, most of their gloves are not in good control. In the case of large defective defective products, it is necessary to promptly complain to the supplier and replace them to a new one immediately. And of course new suppliers need to check their quality system before place order.


Right size PVC gloves protect you better

  The right size is really important for users, so many wholesales and brand own companies have taught buyers how to choose the right fit size PVC gloves for them printing one box.

The gloves mainly has Small, Medium, Large and some brand has SS and XL sizes even XXL and kids sizes. To do things better, gloves should be a little tight to make sure the gloves can wrap fingers better. Minimally affecting the touch of the hand so as not to affect the user’s actions. This is a simple illustration of the hand.

Hand measure

Use a ruler to measure your palm width, as shown in the illustration, and then write down your dimension.

If your palm width is less than 8 cm, please choose to use the small size. If it is between 8-9 cm, please choose medium size. If it is 9 to 10, please choose large size. Of course, not everyone’s palm size is in this range. Because some people are smaller or larger, some dealers will require manufacturers to produce SS or XL numbers to meet the needs of a small number of people. SS is usually suitable for 6- 8 cm, and XL is more than 10 cm, because there is no bigger. And if you want your kids to wear the gloves before they touch anything, i suggest you to choose the kids type or SS type, if some brand has kids type, that will be best choice.

protect children hands

Disposable Gloves Demand And Production

Seamless gloves include Latex, Vinyl, NBR, they are used for medical and examination mainly. Used percent around 60% Latex gloves, 30% PVC gloves, 10% Nitrile gloves. In food contact and daily use, PVC gloves and Nitrile gloves and PE gloves used mostly, 50% PVC gloves, 25% Nitrile gloves and 25% PE gloves. And the demand increased year by year.

Though the all type gloves’ demand increased every year, but the PVC gloves are not, because of the smell and material, not many users like it, especially for food contact. Some countries even establish a law to stop using PVC gloves in food industry, it has a strong impact on the sales of Vinyl gloves. Fortunately, disposable PVC gloves are the cheapest of seamless gloves, so still a lot factories and users choose it.

The following is the current World PVC gloves demand map. (not totally correct)

Most of PVC gloves manufactures are in China, about 70% of the world’s disposable PVC gloves are produced here, especially the lower price market, 90% are produced here. And in China Jiang su and Shan Dong province capacity account 60% percent. Before 2020, there is only 700 production lines are on producing, the left 300 are sleeping, but on such explosive growth of disposable PVC gloves, all lines are in full production from the beginning of this year, and more lines are on building, maybe will 30% more even 50% more! If the demand still in such high lever, the price will not go down and the capacity will still increase. But i think in 2 years, half of the lines will shut down because no people need them.

This year the suddenly increase demand is hospital examination and even medical, and a lot of people daily use, that before 2020, not many householder will buy these disposable gloves.

worlds demand

How to use disposable gloves

Everyone know how to wear the gloves, but please keep your hands dry when using them, or you will feel bad and some plasticization will dissolve into the water and maybe influence users’ healthy. And also because the film is very thin, it has a large base surface. When there is water or sweat on the hands, there is no air between the film and the film, which makes it very difficult to wear.

And after using, please do not throw them away every where, they are recyclable and harm to earth environment.

The Future of disposable PVC gloves

Disposable PVC gloves are both medical necessities and daily necessities for human beings. Though a lot people and factories know it’s not good for earth environment but it will not disappear. So we hope someone can invent new production line and use healthy plasticization better than DIHP, and even do not use Vinyl and plasticization. Maybe it will not called PVC gloves, but will cheaper and better for healthy and earth environmental.

After years manufacturing in disposable industry, i think we can develop these gloves in below directions.

  • Completely automated, gloves are simple to produced, machines and production lines are mature technology, however, many factors affecting the quality and output in the production process. Because there are still many hand making method and people control process, If the mechanical automation production can be completed, the product quality and the stability of the output will be greatly improved.
  • Totally degraded, no matter how difficult it is, after all, the focus of glove development in the next few years or decades, we hope the days can come earlier.
  • Easy to wear, all the factories now pack them into a small box and hard to use when users take pieces out, and easy to broke it if the boxes are too small and the PVC gloves are not packed orderly. So i think a better packing way should be invented and should be automated.
  • Can be used in more conditions, now disposable PVC gloves only can used in common condition and should be hand dry, we hope the gloves can be wear in more difficult condition, such as wet hands, because in a lot of conditions, a lot users will touch water or blood or oil and some other liquid, and will need to change gloves after touch one kind of liquid.

A short article, I hope that you will be helpful in your future work and life. I wish all the gloves are biodegradable in the future and we will focus on it. And all gloves can protect you even can protect the world.

For the world economy, disposable PVC gloves are a small category, but it is important role especially in such Covirus-2019 disaster. We hope more and more investors can built new factories and laboratory, to build some brand new idea and new type disposable gloves to protect the users and environment better!

automachinesprotect the earth

Best regards, thank you a lot for your reading!

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