lab AQL 2.5 VINYL gloves

Which industries are Vinyl Gloves used

What is PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride (Polyvinyl chloride), abbreviated as Vinyl in English, is a polymer of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) polymerized by peroxides, azo compounds and other initiators or under the action of light and heat according to the free radical polymerization reaction mechanism… Vinyl chloride homopolymer and vinyl chloride copolymer are collectively referred to as vinyl chloride resin.

Polyvinyl chloride is a polymer material that uses a chlorine atom to replace a hydrogen atom in polyethylene. It is an amorphous polymer with a small amount of crystalline structure. The structure of this material is as follows: -(CH2-CHCl)n-.Vinyl is a linear polymer in which most VCM monomers are connected in a head-to-tail structure. The carbon atoms are arranged in a zigzag pattern, and all atoms are connected by sigma bonds. All carbon atoms are sp3 hybrid

PVC was industrialized in the early 1930s. Since the 1930s, for a long period of time, the output of Vinyl has been ranked first in the world’s plastic consumption. In the late 1960s, polyethylene replaced polyvinyl chloride. Although Vinyl plastics ranks second, but the output still accounts for much more than a quarter of the total output of plastics.

Polyvinyl chloride plastic products are widely used, but in the mid-1970s, people realized that the monomer vinyl chloride (VCM) remaining in polyvinyl chloride resin and products is a serious carcinogen, which will undoubtedly affect the polyvinyl chloride to a certain extent. However, people have successfully reduced the residual VCM through vehicles and other means, so that the content of VCM in the polyvinyl chloride resin is less than 10 ppm, which meets the requirements of sanitary resin and expands the application range of polyvinyl chloride. It can even make the VCM content in the resin less than 5ppm, and the residual VCM after processing is extremely small. Basically harmless to the human body, it can be used as food medicine packaging and children’s toys.

Do you know the production process of Vinyl glove?

Actually the production process is similar as the process of latex glove.

vinyl gloves production process

Which industries can Vinyl gloves be used in?

Compared with disposable gloves of other materials, Vinyl gloves have the advantages of convenient wear, good air permeability, comfortable hand feeling, acid and alkali resistance, good isolation effect, little skin allergies, lower price, etc., and also have antistatic properties. Therefore,Vinyl gloves are widely used in general labor protection in the medical, food, chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, health protection, beauty and hairdressing industries.

Medical industry (only medical grade Vinyl)

Used for hospital surgical examination, hospital cleaning, dental examination.

It’s very important to know that even medical grade Vinyl gloves are not suitable for surgery.

medical vinyl gloves


Food industry:

Catering shop / Restaurant: washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, cutting meat, baking, preparing hamburgers, etc., and cleaning such as washing dishes, table cleaning, garbage disposabl etc…

washing vinyl gloves


Chemical/electronic industry:

Suitable for clean room/purification workshop/semiconductor, hard disk manufacturing, precision optics, optical electronics, LCD/DVD liquid crystal manufacturing, general chemical processing, etc.

lab AQL 2.5 VINYL gloves


Pharmaceutical Industry:

The process of handling and handling laboratory equipment in the dust-free workshop, the cleaning of the dust-free workshop, the general protection in the laboratory, etc.

Health protection:

Nursing work in nursing homes, general household hygiene, kitchen care, beauty salon industry:

Hair-dying, beauty care.

hair dye vinyl glove



Which other industries can it be used in?


In cosmetic packaging manufacturers, workers in workshops wearing Vinyl gloves can prevent fingerprints or other pollution on high-quality requirement products.

Agriculture, animal husbandry, etc.

house keeping vinyl glove

Why do some people ask whether Vinyl gloves can be used in the food industry?

Why is there some smell on the Vinyl gloves?

The chemical resin raw material undergoes a thermal melting process, and all gloves have a little smell if it got near to your nose, but usually this smell is very small.

Are the plasticizers and all raw material safety to food use?

Our Vinyl gloves are all food-grade certified safe plasticizers, and our gloves have passed FDA 21 CFR 175.300 testing and US California Proposition 65. If you want to get the latest test reports, please contact email:

Why can Vinyl gloves be used in the medical industry?

  1. Stretchable.
  2. Fit to the hand, seamlessand good grip.
  3. It is looser than NITRILE GLOVE, easyto wear and take off.
  4. Cheaper andpowder-free. Vinyl gloves isan ideal choice to replace the nitrile and latex gloves. But please note that Vinyl gloves cannot be used for surgery.

What are the main uses and markets in the current situation?

The sudden outbreak of epdemic in 2020 lead to a great shortage of nitrile gloves. Many administrations and lots of people have no other choices but to switch to purchasing Vinyl gloves with higher output and cheaper prices.

Facing this complicated virus, Vinyl gloves can be used in below places to against the cross-infection :

Public places such as intersections/company entrances/hospital entrances;

basic protection for first-line medical nurses: temperature measurement, nucleic acid testing, etc.;

Wear it when you go to the supermarket to buy vegetables to prevent infection from the virus remaining on the packaging;

Protection of daily household hygiene and cleaning;

General protection in food preparation at home.

room cleaning vinyl glove

What do you think? About the future and below questions of the Vinyl glove?

Is there any technology that can produce extremely thin Vinyl gloves?

Is it possible to develop degradable Vinyl gloves?

Is it possible to use ingredients instead of adding plasticizers?

Is it possible to develop a new kind of Vinyl gloves which can be used in surgery?

Can it be recycled multiple times in the daily protective use of the family?



vinyl gloves production process

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